SAS Scholarship Program – results

Presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences decided about funding of following candidates within SAS Scholarship Program:

SAS Scholarship Program – the next call will not be announced

SAS Presidium decided on 10.6.2013 to do not announce the next call of SAS Scholarship Program. The reason for this decision is the fact that SAS has gotten the opportunity to prepare a new mobility program, which will be co-financed by the EU. The program will be aimed at the same audience as SAS Scholarship and it will have very similar requirements on the expertise of the applicant and the host organization. The forthcoming program will enable to Slovak Academy of Sciences to recruit more top scientists from abroad and offer them interesting and motivating work conditions. The first call will be announced in January 2014.

Applications submitted in the first call of SAS Scholarship Program are currently in evaluation process.

Information about this new program can be found on the main SAS website in the next few months. It also will be distributed to directors of SAS institutes.

We hope that you find our new mobility program interesting.