Information for applicants - 1st call

Who is the SAS Scholarship Program intended for?

Researchers under 40 years who have been working/studying abroad at least 2 years and this stay has been finished maximum 6 months before the time of application submission or it still lasts and they obtained PhD at least 3 years before application submission.

What is the annual budget of the Program?

Maximum annual budget is 140 000 €. Number of possibly financed projects is determined by this amount.

What is the maximum budget for one project and what can be funded from it?

Maximum financial amount allocated per project is 40 000 €/year. Salary and statutory deduction of researcher and members of her/his team may be remunerated from this amount as well as the running costs of the research project up to 15 000 €/year.

What will be a character of the successful applicant’s stay at the SAS institute?

Institute makes a fixed-term employment contract with successful applicant (for the duration of the project, maximum for 4 years).

What are the evaluation criteria?

The primary criteria are the excellence of the applicant and the proposed project, as well as the ability and possibility to co-finance the project from other resources. Specific evaluation criteria together with their weighting are given in the Annex of the SAS Scholarship Program Guide for Evaluators.

What is the application review process?

The application will be assessed in a two-stage evaluation process; in the first stage compliance with the formal requirements is assessed and in the second stage application is sent to the three independent evaluators, who fill in the evaluation protocol according to the evaluation criteria. These protocols are then discussed in the evaluation committees, applications are scored and ranked.

When the results of evaluation will be known?

Results of the first stage of evaluation will be available after 30.4.2013 and the results of the second stage will be published between 15.6.-1.7.2013.